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Your EFRA membership is due for renewal from 1st January 2024
Subscription will be £35
PLEASE NOTE*** There is a new system for renewing membership - use this link to Sport80
Any problems contact BRC HQ by phone or email.
They are happy to help & can talk you through the process if necessary.

Please note Members are asked to complete a helper stint at at least 1 club event in the current membership year. 
Any membership queries please contact
Mrs Sandra Smith-Maxwell, Middlestead, Selkirk TD7 5EY 07931 199606
New Members - Important - please note you have to have your membership complete 10 days prior to any competition
A copy of EFRA's rules and dress code for 2024 can be downloaded here
E.F.R.A. Constitution
Link to BRC Handbook 2024

Under BRC rules all riders when mounted, whether competing or not, must wear a hard hat complying with one of the following specifications and with the strap properly adjusted and fastened. Only the following specifications are acceptable at any BRC competition
i) PAS015 (1998 or 2011) and must have official BSI Kite mark or Inspec IC mark
ii) VG1 01.040 (2014-12) and must have official BSI Kite mark or Inspec IC mark
iii) STM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) and must have official SEI Mark
iv) SNELL E2001 or E2016 and must have official SNELL label and number
v) AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) and must have official SAI global mark
It is the riders responsibility to ensure they are wearing hats to the correct standard. Any rider found to be using a hat to a lower specification will be disqualified. Riders should be aware that riding in a hat which is not up to the standard specified above may invalidate any insurance 

Link to new Hat standards

Link to new Body Protector Standards

Body protectors must be BETA Level 3 (purple label) which has a 2009 label. 
The ONLY exception to the requirement for a BETA Level 3 2009 purple label is that Exo Body Cages will continue to be accepted, provided they have a BETA Level 3 2000 purple label & the competitor must inform the event secretary
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